Forging Science and Humanity to Create Extraordinary Whole-Cut Plant-Based Meats!

We Don't Need To Eat Animals To Enjoy Delicious Whole Cut Meat
Premium Taste, 100% Plant-Based

With the use of revolutionary, patented technology, we have created the world's first whole cut plant-based meat that looks and tastes exactly like Premium Taste, 100% Plant-Based beef

Better than Beef

Soft, juicy, and delicious, Alchemeat is simply the best meat alternative on the market. With nutrient dense plant-based ingredients and zero cholesterol, it's even better than beef

Practical and Efficient

Alchemeat costs the same or less than real premium beef and can be ready-to-serve in minutes, saving your food service time and money

Plant-Based Meat For All

Alchemeat is environmentally sustainable, requiring significantly less water, energy, and CO2 emissions than animal-based meat to produce.


No matter how you cut it, Alchemeat is better… Meet ALCHEMEAT, the world's first plant-based whole-muscle meat that doesn't compromise on taste, texture, nutrition, or sustainability. Our patented technology achieves the same great taste and texture of animal meat without the need for animals or expensive, time consuming genetic engineering.

My Story

After switching to a plant-based diet, I realized the immense physical, mental, and environmental benefits of going vegan, but I also discovered one of the biggest obstacles: finding a delicious and nutritious source of protein. I knew that if I could create a plant-based meat that was as good as or better than animal meat, I could inspire others to experience the benefits of a vegan diet as well. That’s why I quit my executive job and created ALCHEMEAT: to forge science and humanity into extraordinary, plant-based meats for all!

My Mission
Your Favorite Beef Dishes, 100% Plant-Based

From Mongolian Beef to Philly Cheesesteak, fan-favorite dishes from around the world can be easy, delicious, healthy, and environmentally conscious with ALCHEMEAT

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